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SAB: 19th Annual International Festival

Thursday, October 8
Study Abroad Fair
Rangos Ballroom

There will be information on a wide range of study abroad programs, not just
programs for language study.

Information about the International Festival is also given below.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Dear Department Representatives,

I¹m pleased to present you with an overview of next week¹s International
Festival. Included in the schedule of events is our annual Study Abroad
Fair on Thursday, October 8th from 11am-3pm. We will have over 60
organizations present at the Study Abroad Fair. I hope that you can share
the highlighted overview below broadly and encourage your students and
colleagues to attend the Study Abroad Fair and the many of the other
International Festival events. I also hope to see you at some of the

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

2009 International Festival: "What's Happening to Diplomacy?"
Thursday, October 8- Saturday, October 10, 2009

* Two events held each day of International Festival in the University
* Everything is free and open to all
* Pre-registration/tickets required for Campus Conversation & Keynote
Lecture- both of which offer a free meal.
* Ongoing displays of flags from around the world and Tartans Abroad Fund
recipients will also display posters from their summers abroad.

Thursday, October 8
Study Abroad Fair
Rangos Ballroom
Over 60 tables with information for study abroad during the academic year,
summer and spring/winter break

Campus Conversations: A Deliberative Loop on America's Role in the Global
Connan Room
4:30- 6:15pm
This Campus Conversation will focus on America¹s role in the global
community and encourage dialogue around issues of diplomacy. Dinner will be
served. Advance registration is required to ensure adequate seating.
Pre-read materials will be sent via email before the event. To reserve a
space at the deliberative loop and dinner, please email

Friday, October 9
Keynote Lecture & Lunch with Dr. Jendayi Frazer
Rangos Ballroom
12:30- 2pm

Dr. Jendayi E. Frazer is known worldwide as a policy leader and expert on
African Affairs. She is the former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa. She
joined the faculty at Carnegie Mellon in 2009 as Distinguished Service
Professor with joint appointments in the Department of Social and Decision
Sciences, and in the H. John Heinz College's Schools of Public Policy and
Management. Lunch will be provided to all in attendance. Tickets are free
and are available at the UC Information Desk.

Cultural Fusion: Multicultural Late Night Event
Rangos Ballroom
9pm -12 am

This free event combines multicultural student organizations¹ efforts to
provide an evening showcasing perfomances, food, cultural nuances, and
dancing. Collectively, the organizations will demonstrate diplomacy in
action on a local level as they bridge cultural gaps to provide a fusion of
cultural exploration. Participants include SALSA, Spirit, Tanah, ISU, iFS,
TSA, Arab Student Organization, and Romanian and Bulgarian student

Saturday, October 10
Global Volunteerism: Becoming a Global Citizen
Rangos 2 &3
10 am- 1pm

Please stop by this open house to participate in and learn from impact
projects featuring service learning initiatives and global volunteerism.
There will be numerous opportunities to engage as a global citizen, making
impact both locally and globally. All organizations present will provide a
hands-on interactive impact project and information to those in attendance.

International Festival Awards
Connan Room

The International Festival Awards recognizes individual students, student
organizations, whose work contributes to the theme of the festival, "What's
Happening to Diplomacy?" Two Carnegie Mellon alumni will also speak about
their work surrounding issues of diplomacy.

Elisa Echeverría, HNZ '04, has served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala and
has worked on the Obama Election Campaign in Puerto Rico. Currently Elisa
is the Mexican Heritage Plaza Transition Manager. The Plaza
<http://www.sanjoseca.gov/mexicanheritageplaza/> is a multidisciplinary
arts and cultural facilty owned and operated by the City of San Jose,
California. The "transition"
<http://www.mercurynews.com/topstories/ci_12829489> is a community-based
business planning process which is bringing 13 San Jose leaders together to
re-think the business model for the Plaza. The goal is sustainability and a
programming model that is community driven.

Jacques M. Jean, HNZ '99, is originally from Haiti and left his native
country immediately after high school to pursue higher education abroad. He
is the founder of Universal Learning Centre and has always wanted to bring
quality educational tools to his native country. He is an accomplished
business professional with over 12 years of dynamic business experiences.
Currently, Jacques is the Value Based Planning Manager for Honeywell
International where he works with all IT business leaders to optimize their
IT infrastructure services and minimize spending. Most recently, as IT
International Manager for Honeywell Consumer Product Group, Jacques was
responsible for the business IT planning, services delivery, and team
development in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Sponsored by the Office of International Education. For more information
visit http://www.cmu.edu/internationalfestival or call 412.268.5231 or email

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