jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Flowers of Madison

The movie "Flowers of Madison", part of Hispanic Heritage Month, was
originally scheduled
for September but the date has been pushed back and is now on Wednesday, Oct
28, 6pm @ Porter 100.

Here is a short synopsis of the movie:

The Flowers of Madison is an empowering feature-length documentary film
about three culturally diverse Midwestern women facing and overcoming the
greatest obstacles in their lives.

Meet Aleyda, an immigrant from Colombia who came to America with her
husband and two daughters seeking a better life for her family and
education for her children.

Meet Monica, who by the age of thirteen had witnessed the near death of a
sister and the imprisonment of her beloved Mother.

Finally, meet Suzanne, a happily married, college-educated
Mexican-American woman born and raised in the Midwest.

This unique, visually stunning, and rich film intertwines the stories of
these women with modern dance and mesmerizing images of nature that
capture the changing Midwestern seasons.

Can you help by passing this information along to your
students? Amelah Resnik, the director of the movie, will actually be
present at the event and she will answer questions after the viewing of
her film.

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