jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

ATTENTION: Seeking for performance artists, poets, spoken word, music, etc!

Cafe Con Leche is a series of cultural events that aim to bring people together in fellowship, using food as the connecting point for community. These events are apart of Most Wanted Fine Art's 2014 Artist Residency. Tara Sherry-Torres, from Puerto Rico, is the owner and founder of Cafe Con Leche, is a 2014 Resident Artist at Most Wanted Fine Arts!
Cafe Con Leche's next event (after Herencia Africana) will be Saturday, May 10th and it is  called "The Amazing Plantain", so there will be all plantain dishes and some history about the plantain.  
For entertainment they would like to have an open mic for performance artists, poets, spoken word, music, etc. Thye want to showcase local Latino talent.  Anyone who is interested in this (or partnering in another way) can email to cafeconlechepgh@gmail.com or twitter @cafelechePGH or on Facebook.

Jesabel I. Rivera-Guerra, MPH
Latin American Cultural Union LACU

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