viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Tomorrow: Latinos @ Pittsburgh Columbus Day Parade

¡Hola Gente!

Let's continue to increase our visibility in the city and to "decir Presente!", the LACU - Latin American Cultural Union will be at The Pittsburgh Columbus Day Parade and we invite you to say PRESENTE as well. 

Please bring your bandera or we can provide you with one. We will be walking and dancing an easy choreography that will allow us to show off the beautiful colors of our people and our flags. Check out the video with the easy choreography to learn:


Meet at Bloomfield (Liberty Ave) between S. Pacific to S. Atlantic at 10:00am 

This is an event for the ENTIRE FAMILY!!

¡No te quedes en casa and join us! ¡Nos veremos!

LACU Executive Board

Jesabel Rivera - President

Gloria Rodriguez-Ransom - Vice President

Marie Vicens - Secretary

Diego Martinez - Treasurer

P.O. Box 19403, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

412-301-LACU (5228)

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