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"La Churona: Historia de una Virgen Migrante" Directed by Maria Cristina Carrillo

Amigos del Cine Latinoamericano

Fall 2012 Film Series



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 “La Churona: Historia de una Virgen Migrante” Directed by Maria Cristina Carrillo

(Spanish with English subtitles)


On September 10, 2006, and for the second consecutive year, every Ecuadorian immigrant celebrated the procession in honor of the Virgin of El Cisne, “La Churona”, in Madrid. Thousands of them flooded the streets to venerate their Patron Mother. The Virgin left for the procession from the San Lorenzo Church in Lavapiés – which had served as her refuge all along – but when mass came to an end, she was not allowed back in the chapel. Other churches didn’t allow her in either. This is the story of an Ecuadorian Virgin “without papers” who is looking for a place to live in Madrid.


Awards and film festivals participation: Winner documentary at the Consejo Nacional de Cinematografia del Ecuador (2009), Winner of the Latin American Prize first copy at the Festival de Cine de La Habana-Cuba (2009), official selection for the Festival de la Habana (2010), official selection for the Festival Internacional de Punta del Este-Uruguay (2011).


Screening will be presented by the director. After the presentation you are welcome to stay for a discussion.


Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Carnegie Museum of Art Auditorium, Oakland


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Free and open to the public


For more information: contact Mildred Lopez (

Some films are adult in nature and may not be appropriate for young audiences.

Sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies, Eduardo Lozano Latin American Library Collection, and the Global Studies Center, in collaboration with the Carnegie Museum of Art.


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