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Thursday, Nov 10: El Bolero de Raquel (Raquel's Bolero) with Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" Dir. Miguel M. Delgado (Mexico 1957)

Amigos del Cine Latinoamericano presents...
Fall 2011 Series

Las favoritas de Amigos del Cine/Amigos del Cine’s Top Picks
 In 2011, Amigos del Cine celebrates its eight year of activity. It is an odd number to commemorate – a fifth or a tenth anniversary are all more traditional landmarks. And yet, it just happened to be one of those moments where we realized it is never too late, or too early, to show a side of ourselves that is as vital for what we do as the topics we often select to anchor our choices of screenings – our very own, individual tastes in movies.  Although brought together by a love of cinema, nostalgia for our respective homelands or childhood, and a need to celebrate the latter through former (not to mention our affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh), Amigos del Cine is a very diverse group with personalities that audience members at our screenings might be somewhat familiar with, but that to this day remain somewhat distant – we are faces and names who come on stage before the lights go out, give you some background information on the film you are about to see, and then return to thank you for your presence and attention. You might know us as a collective, but you are yet to glimpse, behind our choices as series programmers, how we really feel about the movies we eagerly share with you. So consider this as our way of introducing ourselves to you, our audience, the most important element of our series.  
Welcome, then, to our Fall 2011 series, where our unifying theme is the closeness of the films to our hearts – enjoy “Amigos del Cine’s Top Picks,” presented by those who selected them to tell you, rather simply, why these four films are so special. 

*******Free and open to the public. This movie is for all ages*******

Thursday, Nov 10 @ 6.30PM(Mildred Lopez's selection)

El Bolero de Raquel (Raquel's Bolero)  with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” 
Dir. Miguel M. Delgado (Mexico 1957)
In Spanish with English Subtitles

Moved by nostalgia of my childhood in Perú and my first experience as a child watching popular movies on Peruvian National TV, I chose to present in this Film Series “El Bolero de Raquel” (Raquel’s Bolero). As any other family in my native country, on long holiday weekends, my grandmother and I used to watch classic Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” movies from the great 50’s Mexican Golden Cinema. These movies are still extremely popular in Latin America even many years after. “Cantinflas” – the Mexican Groucho Marx – was one of the most talented comic actors in Latin America. In his more than 50 movies, he portrayed the “pícaro” (trickster) character. Cantinflas follows the tradition of “pícaros” in the history of the Spanish literature like “Lazarillo de Thormes” (1554) and “Periquillo Sarniento” (1816).  In “El Bolero de Raquel” Cantinflas portrays a bootblack trickster tutor of an orphan who is capable of turning the world upside down using body language as well as speech called in Spanish “vacilada”.  His carnivalesque language creates ambivalent funny situations that eventually subvert the social hierarchies and are used by him as a way to liberate his character from the power. This movie is not only an opportunity get to know one of the classic comic Latin American movies of all time but also is an opportunity to see the changes in Mexico City during the 50’s— the complex problems which were brought by industrial capitalism and urbanization which pulled migrants from the country side into chaotic city life (By Mildred Lopez).

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