lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

TOMORROW - Latino Day at City Council!

Hello all!


Tomorrow is Latino Day at Pittsburgh City Hall on Tuesday, April 19th starting at 10:30am. Please let me know if you will be attending. 


Invite your networks! People can attend and not testify, they are able to support by simply sitting in the chambers while people are testifying. 


City Council chambers are located in the City County Building, 414 Grant St., 5th floor.


Background Information:

The Pittsburgh Latino population has been growing. In light of the racist acts against Las Palmas these past few months it is important for us to show the region who we are as a community, the needs of our community and what strengths we bring. 


How To Testify

·  Pittsburgh City Council meets every Tuesday at 10am. Public testimony begins after 10:30am - please come after 10:30am. You can come before 10:30am, but know that public testimony will not begin until after proclamations are finished.

·  You do not need to sign up beforehand to testify. There are no special requirements. Simply walk up to the podium once public testimony has begun.

·  Each speaker gets three minutes. You will state your name and address before you begin to make your comments.

·  This is an opportunity to inform Pittsburgh City council on any information, needs, wishes, wants, hopes, strengths that you want them to know about the Pittsburgh Latino community. Be authentic and speak from the heart. 

Possible Topics (Just some suggestions in case you need inspiration but not necessary.) 

·  Culturally & linguistically competent social services, schools, government.

·  Support for Latino owned businesses.

·  Immigration reform.

·  Statistics on the Pittsburgh & USA Latino population. 

·  More accountability for hate crimes.

·  What are your needs?

·  What strengths do Latinos bring to Pittsburgh?


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