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The Latin American News Digest invites students to apply for a limited number of internships.  Because the goal of the Digest is essentially a didactic one, to spread the word about news from Latin America, we feel strongly about providing the opportunity for students to participate in this process.  Student writers and researchers contribute to our weekly issues by writing aggregations of articles found in Latin American sources.  Ideally internships happen in tandem with an independent study led by a faculty member of the appropriate department, but this is not a requirement.  The result is an enriching experience for students who discover a variety of perspectives within the Latin American media.  Students are able to identify trends and anomalies in the region, giving them a much greater breadth of knowledge and understanding of the hemisphere.
Intern Responsibilities:

Interns must be able to write brief aggregations in English that synthesize multiple perspectives from newspapers written in Spanish, and sometimes in Portuguese or English. Typically interns write 1200-1800 words per week (4-6 section articles or 9-10 News in Brief items).  Interns generally work approximately five-six hours per week with most of that work falling on Wednesdays and Thursdays since submissions are typically due by noon Eastern Standard Time on Fridays.  This internship does not require onsite work.  Interns work remotely, but need to be readily available via email, cell and skype.
Intern Qualifications:

Interns must possess excellent writing skills in English and advanced reading skills in Spanish.  Ability to read Portuguese is a plus.  Familiarity with Latin American civilization and culture, as well as general current events is highly recommended.  The ability to meet deadlines is essential. 
Application Process:

Interns should submit a letter of interest as an example of their writing skills to jdejong@hsc.edu (Dr. Jana DeJong). The letter should outline the intern's experience (coursework, travel, etc.) as it pertains to language skills and knowledge of Latin America. The name and contact info for two references must be included: one to address the intern's writing skills in English and the second to comment on his/her abilities to read Spanish, as well as general knowledge of Latin America.   


For summer internships (May 15-August 15), please submit your letter by May 1, 2016.  For fall internships (August 15-December 5), letters are due by August 1, 2016. 


If you have any questions, please contact wjohngreen@latinamericannewsdigest.com

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