miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

ICOR: Socialist Germany and Cuba, Feb 24, 4:30 pm, BH 154R

Dear Colleagues,

please join us for our first talk in the series Informal Conversation on Research this semester:

Postcards from Socialist Germany and Cuba: Yesterday and Today
Stephen Brockmann and Kenya Dworkin

East Germany and Cuba represent two different versions of a socialist state. Stephen Brockmann has studied the development of socialism in East Germany and will talk about what made socialism there distinctive. Kenya Dworkin studies socialism in Cuba after 1959 and will discuss Cuba's own version of Soviet-style socialism, the repercussions of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the recent rapprochement with the U.S.

The talks take place on Feb. 24, 4:30 pm, in the Dean's Conference Room BH 154R.
As always there will be an assortment of hand-selected Trader Joe's cookies.

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