viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2015

Noche Latina Tonight! (Other reminders)



Reminder about Noche Latina Tonight at 10pm!

Invite your friends! In-person and through the FB event!

We need help with setting up, cleaning up, and serving food.

Please email Maria at for more information


Other reminders and news:


1. Stay Updated (GroupMe and Bridge)

Pease add your phone number for the Group Me.

Also please add your information to the list, if you could not make it to the meeting

Make sure you have joined us on the Bridge. We will not be using the D-list contact information in the future. 


2. Empanada Sale

We are looking to schedule a meeting for the same time as the last one.

Monday, 6-7pm (new location)

Fill out this form indicating your interest in the event

You will be contacted based on your response


3. Potluck

Looks like we have a lot of desserts so far, yum. 

Sign up!


4. 1000 Plus

A message from Gabriela Salcedo!
I was planning on volunteering for 1000plus and was wondering if any other members would like to volunteer as a group and represent SALSA. It's on Oct. 3, the same day as our scheduled potluck. I have already asked the communications director about the time commitment and it seems the typical volunteer time is from the morning to around 1 p.m., the latest is 4 p.m. If anyone is interested, please let me know so we can register.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with 1000Plus, it is a student-run initiative and CMU's largest day of service. Our aim is to get over 1000 volunteers from the CMU Community out all over the greater Pittsburgh area doing community service, and we need your help!


5. Donut Dash

Looking to see if members are interested in forming a team!

Run a mile. Eat six donuts. Run another mile.



Nos Vemos




Spanish And Latin Student Association
Carnegie Mellon University
UC 303

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