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Pittsburgh Humanities Festival This Week!

The Pittsburgh Humanities Festival (March 26-29) features a wide range of events and is only $10 for students! Catch as many as you can, especially the below events presented by the Center for the Arts in Society project directors, John Carson and Jennifer Keating-Miller, CAS member Tim Haggerty and CAS artist in residence Harrison Apple.

Lecture - 1:30pm - Tim Haggerty and Harrison Apple: The History of Queer Pittsburgh
SPACE GALLERY, 812 Liberty Ave, downtown

Historians Tim Haggerty and Harrison Apple, co-directors of the Queer History Project, explore the world of Pittsburgh’s gay social clubs from 1967 to 1990, making use of an extensive collection of photographs and material objects contributed by owners, employees, performers and patrons, including publications, posters, announcements and newsletters that reflect a world that is disappearing: one of drag names and pseudonyms, passwords and codes, a shared patois of high camp and a relationship to the state that could be fraught, deceitful, and criminal, a twilight world of desire and camouflage that emerged in response to a culture that reacted to homosexuality with social criticism and legal prosecution

Lecture - 1:00pm - Jennifer Keating Miller and John Carson: Performing Peace in the North of Ireland
SPACE GALLERY, 812 Liberty Ave, downtown

Today in Northern Ireland walls separate historically contentious neighborhoods in the name of 'peace;' tripling in number since the 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreement. In this discussion, John Carson, and Jennifer Keating-Miller, explore the work of literary and visual artists who describe, catalog or craft work that interrupts evidence of a fragile peace in the region's built environment, a peace that is contained as the population emerges from a legacy of violence in hard-fought efforts to build an integrated and democratic post-conflict society.

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