viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

Cuba in Comparative Perspective Conference @ Pitt

Dear Friend of CLAS:

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at Pitt is hosting an international cross-disciplinary conference on “Cuba in Comparative Perspective,” Nov 6-8, 2014.  The conference will address a broad range of themes, ranging from reforms in economies and social welfare policies to Cuba’s influence on leftist politics around the world, and their cultural changes and international influences.  Thus while some speakers will focus on Cuba specifically, others will focus on Eastern Europe, Latin American, or Asia.  The program flyer is attached, and more information (including a list of speakers) is available at the website listed below.

The conference was generously supported by our Center, the Global Studies Center (Global Academic Partnership), the Graduate School Public and International Affairs, the Department Hispanic Languages and Literature, the Department of Political Science, and the Center for International Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.  We also gained support from the Cuba Study Group, Inc.



Scott Morgenstern

Director: Center for Latin American Studies

(412) 648-7391


Dept. of Political Science

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA 15260


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