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VOLUNTEERS--for The Sixth Annual--The Americas in Concert on 10/5/2013 at 7:30pm.

We are looking for volunteers to help us the day of this event: The Sixth Annual The Americas – In Concert presents renowned stride pianist Tom Roberts and the Allegheny City Ragtime Orchestra in Ragtime at the Hillman Center for Performing Arts on Saturday, Oct. 5, at 7:30 p.m.



The Allegheny City Ragtime Orchestra takes its name from Allegheny City, known today as Pittsburgh's North Side. Tom Roberts, a native Pittsburgher, and his orchestra are dedicated to restoring the lost history of the ragtime era in Pittsburgh. The ensemble will perform recently rediscovered compositions by Pittsburgh composers from the turn of the 20th century. These works have not been heard in almost 100 years. In addition, the orchestra will perform Latin American-inspired pieces by composers from Harlem's Clef Club, an African-American musical organization formed by James Reese Europe in the 1910s. The concert will feature compositions by composers from Latin American countries who were inspired by American Ragtime music, including three “Rag Tangos” by African-American composer William Tyre and  two“Brazil Ragtime” selections by Brazilian Ernesto Júlio de Nazareth.



If you can volunteer, please send me the following information:


Your name:


Phone number:

If you need a ride to the venue or not:

Time: the concert starts at 7:30pm; probably we need to be there by 5:30pm. But we can coordinate this later on.



Luz Amanda


Preview of program---subject to change




1st Half


Classic rags

Scott Joplin’s New Rag

Sugar Cane

The Cascades


Rag Tangos

The Tango Two Step Joe Jordan

Panama Wm. Tyers


East Coast rags

Junk Man C Luckeyth Roberts

Spanish Fandango C. Luckeyth Roberts PIANO SOLO


Pittsburgh Ragtime part 1

Pittsburg Gazette Carl Bruno

Ram Rod Rag George A Reeg

Pickililli Rag George A Reeg


2nd Half


Brazil ragtime

Dengoza Ernesto Nazereth

Bregeiro Ernesto Nazereth


Rag Tangos

Maori Wm. Tyers

Admiration Wm. Tyers


Pittsburgh Ragtime part 2

Jubilee Rag George Reeg

The Trinicria Rag M.S. Rocerto


Classic Rags

The Chrysthanthemum- Scott Jolin

Sunflower Slow Drag- Scott Hayden- Scott Joplin

Magnetic Rag-Scott Joplin



Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin

The Entertainer Scott Joplin

Meow Mel B Kaufman




Hungarian Rag Julius Lenzberg

Operatic Rag Julius Lenzberg

The Cannonball Theo. Northrup

The Ragtime Dance Joplin

St Louis Rag Tom Turpin

The Buffalo Rag Tom Turpin

The Reindeer Rag Joe lamb

Peacherine Rag Joplin

Pineapple Rag Joplin

Rose Leaf Rag Joplin

Elite Syncopations Joplin

Creole Belles.  J. Bodewalt Lampe



Luz Amanda Hank

Academic Affairs & Outreach Assistant

Center for Latin American Studies

University Center for International Studies

University of Pittsburgh

4200 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

Pittsburgh, PA  15260

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