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Thursday, March 17: CICLOVIDA Lyfecycle

Thursday, March 17



 Frick Fine Arts Auditorium


Reception 6:00pm  //  Screening 6:30pm





Presented by Matt Feinstein, one of the Lead filmmakers









CICLOVIDA: Lifecycle.  The film follows the protagonists as they embark on their journey south through Brazil, across the borders of Paraguay and Argentina to Buenos Aires and eventually back home through Uruguay to Northeastern Brazil, stopping along the way to gather novel ideas and seeds.  This feature-length documentary is made up of moving stories from landless peasants, indigenous communities, and small farmers that expose the devastating effects of industrial agriculture destined for agrofuels.

With practically no money and no support crew, the protagonists rely on their resourcefulness and the solidarity of people they meet along the way.  They carry with them only the simplest of necessities: their radical ideas and philosophy, collected heirloom seeds, and a video camera.  The main characters, Ignacio and Ivania, identify as farmers, poets, musicians, and activists for ecological and social justice.  They seek to gather and disseminate thousands of seeds, a wealth of knowledge, and contribute to an invaluable network amongst small agricultural communities of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, all without the use of oil or biofuels.  This film also explores their role as parents as they struggle with distance, both physical and figurative from their children, who share their ideals but do not accompany them on the journey. 

This stirring narrative captivates its audience, while it unflinchingly conveys the disturbing ecological, economic, and social impacts of large agribusiness practices. It portrays an alternative to the biofuel monocultures that threaten all small farmers, as the triumphant protagonists create significant and sustainable change using what sparse resources available to them.

Matt Feinstein, one of the Lead filmmakers will present the film 

Brothers Matt and Loren Feinstein are Ciclovida: Lifecycle’s two lead filmmakers.  Loren is a composer and film consultant, with specific experience in educational film, who has worked extensively with the Media Education Foundation, an award winning educational film company.  Matt’s past documentary filmmaking includes Work, Dignity & Social Change, Descubrir con Dignidad, adult mentor for Listen Up’s “Beyond Green Youth” media project and numerous short documentaries. Additionally, he has long been deeply involved in various social movements.

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