martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Three Rivers Film Festival

Un par de peliculas hispanas en el festival:
The Paranoids
(Gabriel Medina; Argentina; 2009; 105 min)
Fri., Nov. 13, 9:00 @ Harris
Sun., Nov. 15, 4:00 @ Harris
An edgy, off-beat film, this young director's debut blew audiences
away at San Francisco's International Film Fest. With an understated
yet stylized approach, he maintains a constant sense of unease
throughout the film, using black humor as occasional relief. When we
meet Luciano, he's an aimless, narcoleptic loner and aspiring
screenwriter who partakes in lots of random hookups. Oh, and he works
children's birthday parties for a living. When a friend comes to town
(with his beautiful showgirl girlfriend) to make a TV program called
"The Paranoids," he asks Luciano to be the writer. Stay for the big
dance number. With subtitles. (Gabriel Medina; Argentina; 2009; 105 min)
    Visit the official page. Watch a trailer.
Preceded by "Panfilo's Pyrexia" by Marina Pfenning.

Lake Tahoe
(Fernando Eimbcke; Mexico; 2008; 78 min)

Wed., Nov. 18, 9:15 @ Harris
Thu., Nov. 19, 7:00 @ Harris

Showcased at both Cannes and Berlin International Film Festivals, this is the tender tale of a teenage boy searching for answers to some of life's most difficult questions. When Juan crashes his family's car he scours the streets for someone to help him fix it. His quest brings him to a lonely old man whose only companion is his dog; then to Lucía, a young mother who wants to be a singer in a punk band; and then to "the one who knows," a teenage mechanic obsessed with martial arts. The bewildering worlds of these characters pull Juan into a one-day escape as well as a profound life journey. With subtitles. (Fernando Eimbcke; Mexico; 2008; 78 min)
   "Nearly every shot is a joy to behold" – Time Out NY. Watch a trailer.
Preceded by "Raining Ashes" by Owen Carson.

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