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This Thursday's film: MOEBIUS (Science Fiction), Dir: Gustavo Mosquera. Argentina, 1996



Thursday, December 3
MOEBIUS,(Science Fiction)
Dir: Gustavo Mosquera R. Argentina, 1996

MOEBIUS is the first feature film to be collectively financed and produced by the two filmmakers and cinema professors who led the project, a crew formed by their 45 students, and the "Universidad del Cine" of Buenos Aires, as a producing entity. The idea of MOEBIUS came out of the young professor and filmmaker Gustavo Mosquera R, who engaged his students in their final years of their film studies to participate as the entire crew of the film.

The idea of the "disappearance" of a subway train came out of the original short-story written by scientist A.J.Deutsch, "A Subway Called Moebius", published in 1950. But Mosquera R took the story and figured out a very different concept for the meaning of "the disappearance". He conceived the idea of a missing train as a passage to imply other political meanings about the missing people during the dictatorship times in Argentina.

In July 1996, MOEBIUS was completed and presented by Gustavo Mosquera R, at the "Universidad del Cine". The film was a complete surprise for audiences and authorities, and was quickly submitted to the "44th International Film Festival of SAN SEBASTIAN". It was immediately accepted and screened with notable success.

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