martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Bolivian Night this Saturday!!


Please, join us for the Harmony of the Andes Bolivian Night and support a dinner for 500 hundred disadvantaged families in Bolivia.


As you know, Harmony of the Andes is focused on helping disadvantaged children. We are committed to discovering ways to help these children improve their lives through the creation of educational health programs.

On December 20th, we, along with two churches in La Paz, are organizing a holiday dinner for 500 economically disadvantaged families in La Paz, Bolivia. We will provide meals, a package of food for each family that will last a month, and a blanket for each family. To provide the funds necessary for this endeavor, we are organizing the Harmony of the Andes Bolivian Night. This is a fundraising event on November 22 where we will have delicious Latin American food, live performances from Musuhallpa and Coro Latinoamericano, and we will show videos and pictures of our work in Bolivia.

You can also learn more about Harmony of the Andes and the event here.
The cover is $20. For students, we are offering a 50% discount which reduces the price to $10. People can also make donations through Eventbrite and over the Facebook page as well. We are also selling tickets in person or you can email us if you are attending and we will find a day/time to provide you with a ticket.
Our capacity is limited, so please ensure your participation by buying your ticket beforehand! 

I will look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you can make it! It will be a pleasure to see you there sharing a dinner with us.
And don't forget to invite your friends! There is a flyer attached below with the information.
I hope to see you all!

Thanks again,



Alexis Vargas

Graduate Student-School of Public and International Affairs.

University of Pittsburgh

Founder-Harmony of the Andes

Pittsburgh, Pa

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