martes, 15 de abril de 2014

MACHETE - Kisumontao this April 26th!

Vengan a bailar salsa, bomba y plena con GeñaGloria Rodriguez Ransom y MACHETE - Kisumontao! El sitio tiene una vibra como de tasca española ...super chévere! Va estar buenísimo!


This is coming up in April 26th! I went to the Pittsburgh Winery for the first time and fell in love immediately. They use their wine barrels (filled with delicious wine) as tables. There's great sitting and standing room for all. The vibe takes you elsewhere...wherever you want to be... It's beautiful!

MACHETE - Kisumontao will have a few amazing special guests playing with us then too! It's going to be a fantastic night!

Buy your tickets ahead of time to save $$. Here's a link

Hope to see you all there! And thanks again for supporting local music!

Cariños Geña

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