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Opening Night!: 2012 CMU International Film Festival opens with a shocking documentary about a Mexican hitman

The 2012 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival: Faces of Others will open this year’s festival with riveting 2011 documentary, El Sicario, Room 164, next Thursday, March 22, at 7:15pm at the Melwood Screening Room! The event will include a surprise guest appearance and a savory Opening Night Reception featuring authentic Mexican specialties from Mad Mex and Mexican beer compliments of Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Co.! The student interns who made this film festival possible will also step out from behind the scenes to present a special showcase performance. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

El Sicario, Room 164 explores the terrifyingly casual roots of evil through the eyes of an unnamed, former “sicario” - a Mexican hitman and enforcer for a drug cartel in Ciudad Juárez who once kidnapped and tortured someone in the very room in which Gianfranco Rosi films this thrilling documentary. The sicario’s startling reenactments of his involvement with narco-trafficking will provoke audiences to question the truth about the War on Drugs that continues to dominate global politics today.

This festival event is presented in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon’s Center for the Arts in Society.

Opening Night admission is $10 seniors and students (w/valid student ID)/$15 ‘Others’. You can purchase tickets and find additional info regarding El Sicario, Room 164 and the festival in general on our website: 
www.cmu.edu/faces. Or you can contact Festival Director Jolanta Lion, at jola@cmu.edu, (412) 445-6292.

We would love to see your faces in the audience!

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