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Thursday, January 27 CHOROPAMPA The Price of Gold



 Thursday, January 27


 Frick Fine Arts Auditorium : 6:30pm


CHOROPAMPA The Price of Gold

(a film by Ernesto Cabellos & Stephanie Boyd)

Choropampa – The Price of Gold

On June 2, 2000, a truck from the Yanacocha gold mine spilled 151 kg of liquid elemental mercury along a 40 km stretch of highway passing through Choropampa and two neighboring towns. Villagers were not told the mercury was toxic. Assuming it was azogue, an ancient cure-all, they collected mercury in bottles and jars using their hands, sticks and brooms. Children were especially fascinated with the alluring silvery balls; they played with it, spilling mercury on dirt floors and beds, near gardens and animals and inside the local school. At least 900 people are poisoned; they do not receive adequate medical care and their health is deteriorating. But hope is not lost. The town elects a new mayor, Lot Saavedra, a dashing 22-year-old who promises to win health care and fair compensation for the spill victims. This simple farmer's son takes on corrupt politicians, slick company officials and shady medical experts. Months of tense and frustrated talks culminate in a dramatic highway blockade of mine vehicles. Using techniques of cinema verité and shocking archive material shot over a 2-year period, this epic film exposes the global mining trade's nasty underbelly. Choropampa's story is a poignant reminder of the real cost of gold.


Original Title:    Choropampa – El Precio del Oro
Language:           Spanish and English original version , Spanish and English original version with English subtitles, Spanish-english original version with French subtitles
Country of Origin: Peru
Year : 2002
Duration: 75 Min.
Director: Ernesto Cabellos, Stephanie Boyd

Festivals: 2003: International Film Festival Mar del Plata; Chicago Latino (USA); Encuentros del Otro Cine, Quito (Ecuador); DokFest München (D); LALIFF - Los Angeles Latino (USA); UNESCO Open Frame, New Delhi (India); Lima Encuentro de Cine (Peru); Three Continents, Johannesburg (ZA); Planet in Focus, Toronto (CA); SEMINCI Valladolid (F); Barcelona Film and Human Rights Festival (E); 

Awards: 2004: Peru's National Film Institute (CONACINE) Award; 2003: 2nd Prize Time of History, SEMINCI - Valladolid International Film Festival (E); Man and Environment Award, Festroia International Film Festival (PT); Rudolf Vrba Award, One World International Human Rights Film Festival, Prague (CZ); Audience Award, Barcelona's International Film and Human Rights Festival (E); 2002: Premio OCIC (SIGNIS) Award for Post-production in Cinema, 18. Festival International de Cine de Mar Del Plata (AR)


Amigos del Cine Latinoamericano

Spring 2011 Film Series


Globalization and Power through Latin America Cinema



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