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Fw: 'Spanish Day' Opens 2009/10 Guitar Society Concert Season


Guitar Society Opens 2009 / 10 Season

 Spanish Day – The Flamenco Rock Opera

Presented by Guitar Society of Fine Art & Flamenco Pittsburgh

Saturday October 3rd, 8:00pm at the New Hazlett Theater. Tickets $35.00

For Tickets www.gsfapittsburgh.org or 412 612 0499.  For more information info@gsfapittsburgh.org

 Famed gypsy singer Inés Bacán, Arte y Pureza Flamenco Company, Band Sir Sultry & Bill Watterson Link Up For a Spectacular Performance


Spanish Day – The Flamenco Rock Opera brings to the stage renowned flamenco dancers and musicians from Spain with a rock and roll band from the United States.  The collaboration between Arte y Pureza, Band Sir Sultry, and famed Gypsy singer Inés Bacán will hit the stage at the New Hazlett Theater on October 3rd, 2009 in Pittsburgh PA. Ethan Margolis from the U.S. who has lived in Spain for the past ten years worked with Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Artists to create the acclaimed Arte y Pureza Flamenco Company out of Seville, Spain. This Pittsburgh debut of their newest show - brings a highly anticipated event to the Pittsburgh stage having received rave reviews from past performances from the Los Angeles Times and New York Times.

The show's aim is to unite rock n' roll with all three elements of flamenco: dancing, singing and the guitar to create an evening where friendships, families and life experiences are explored, mourned, and celebrated onstage.  This traditional flamenco troupe, based in Seville, Spain, performs the art of both music and dance making great use of improvisation to create a sense of emotional intensity.

This flamenco/rock opera amalgam tells the story of a young man, Michael Miller, who leaves a broken musician's household in the USA to travel to Spain where he discovers the exotic world of Gypsy Flamenco and falls in love with the music.

"We created Spanish Day – The Flamenco Rock Opera as an exploration of culture as we look upon two musical worlds thousands of miles apart," said Margolis. "It demonstrates the beauty and importance of culture and ethnicity."


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