domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Fw: Island Night


Hi friends of world music:
The G-20 Summit is approaching and Pittsburgh is surely becoming more international every day!  It's so great to see this transformation! 
We, at Global Beats, have also been busy planning for the occasion.  We have, for 5 years, been bringing a bit of the world  to Pittsburgh, one night at a time.  It will be awesome to finally welcome 20 world leaders to our beautiful city!
Our regular night is on Aug 29th but also save Friday, Sept 18th, for our yearly "Stay and Play Friday" on Katz Plaza for our outdoor global dance party with live music as we kick off the G-20 celebrations in the cultural district!  Thank you!
This month come drink a "mojito" and cruise with us to the Caribbean via "Manhattan" feeling the irresistible rhythms of salsa, soca, calypso, reggaeton, bachata and world fusion as we celebrate the music of Puerto Rico,  Trinidad and New York! 
Saturday, August 29th, AVA Lounge.
One world.  One beat.


The concept of Global Beats is unique as it exposes Pittsburgh to the contemporary world music scene. Unlike conventional venues that feature one style of music at a time, Global Beats focuses on the integration of cultures through music in the same venue. In addition, it collaborates with local organizations  as well as  professional and student groups to broaden the reach of its mission. The result is a monthly diverse, rotating audience that enjoys the music of artists from all over the world.


Carla Andrea Leininger

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